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We supply long needle pinestraw to the southern region of the United States. We offer clean quality straw at a quality price.



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We are bringing all the same services to greater Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA and SOUTH CAROLINA. We have opened the new location. 

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We are bringing the same services to Chelsea, AL. The location is NOW OPEN.


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We Help Schools and Churches with FUNDRAISERS.

Let us help your organization raise money selling our Pinestraw

We are Currently raising money for:

Vestavia Lacrosse Team

Hoover Baseball Team

Birmingham Prep Cardinals

Let the experts at Luckie's spread your Pinestraw for your home, business or Church. We offer very reasonable professional services to include Tucking ,Curling, and blowing your Pinestraw. 

We also offer and spread Mulch.

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Attention: Long Leaf Pine Plantation Owners

Make Money Leasing Your Land to Luckie's


Luckie’s Pinestraw is actively leasing long leaf pine plantations from long leaf land owners. The care we provide your plantation improves not only the health of the trees, but the quality of the straw that is produced. We also improve the visual aesthetics of your pine plantation. We are extremely aggressive with our lease pricing. Agreements are usually between 7-10 years with contracts being paid by the acre. We also provide mowing, spraying, cleaning, caring for damaged trees and even fertilization if you are interested.

Luckie’s Pinestraw will lease your pine plantations to prep and maintain until harvest. Let us help you maintain your tract of land, spray for stubborn weed’s and pests that would prevent your pines from reaching their fullest potential and cut out any other trees or shrubs that might try to find root in your plantation. Luckie’s provides top quality service with a skilled and knowledgeable work force guaranteeing that your pine tree plantation will be beautiful until ready to cut.

If your pines are currently in the CRP program, that is not a problem. We only maintain the pines throughout your contract so that your pine plantation is ready for harvesting once the CRP ends.  Absolutely NO baling permits until after the program is complete.

Make more money from your pine timber tracts with Luckie’s Pinestraw! Our aggressive lease program provides you with ongoing care of your pine timber and additional revenue from your pines. Call us at 205-732-0170 for more information.

Long Leaf Pine Plantation
Long Leaf Pine Plantation



STAY-PUT helps to keep your Pinestraw lasting longer throughout the Year...

STAY-PUT puts a sheen and UV coating on your pinestraw to keep the pinestraw from breaking down and deteriorating  therefore lasting over a year.   

STAY-PUT is Tactifying...

STAY-PUT tactifies the Pinestraw to keep it in place . The spray dries clear and is  similar to hairspray. This helps to keep  the pinestraw intact so it doesn’t blow  away.

STAY-PUT is Non-Toxic

STAY-PUT allows water and nutrients to  flow through to plants, shrubs, and  trees.

STAY-PUT is safe for Plants and Pets

NO  worries...Your plants and pets are safe with STAY-PUT.

STAY-PUT Pricing...

STAY-PUT is applied during installation.  The cost is $3.00 per 50sqft. It is well worth the extra money to keep your  pinestraw lasting throughout the year.    Our customers that use it,love It, and  always ask for it everytime we spread  their pinestraw.

Luckie’s Color Treatment

Color Treated Pinestraw

Let us color your straw during the spreading process

Luckie’s can  Color-Treat  your  Pinestraw  on-site  during  the  pinestraw  installation.  The  pinestraw  is  treated  with  a  red tint that will  last  up  to  9-12 months,  keeping  your  pinestraw  looking  nice and fresh  without  turning  gray.

Customers Love it!

Our  customers  that  use  our  treated  straw  continue  to  buy  it  year  after  year.  Most  say  they  will  never  buy  natural  pinestraw  again.  

Your neighbors will be envious...

Your yard  will  become  the  talk  of  the  neighborhood.  The  colored  straw  will  definitely stand  out.  Just  tell  your  neighbors to  call  Luckie’s.

Colored Treatment Cost

The cost to Color Treat the pinestraw  is $3.00 per 50sqft.  The treatment is applied during installation.

About Us

Who is Luckie's Pinestraw?

We have been selling Pinestraw to consumers for the past nine years. We are accredited by the BBB. We strive to provide top quality long needle pinestraw for commercial and residential properties. We sell to landscapers, businesses, and homeowners. Our professional crews can deliver and spread pinestraw for you.  Please call us to schedule a delivery or set an appointment for us to come out and spread pinestraw for you. 205-732-0170.

We Offer Bulk Discounts!

We offer discounts to customers who are looking to order in bulk!  Bulk orders start at 500 Bales. To find out more, please contact us at 

(205) 732-0170 

Why Choose Us?

Our promise to you is that we will always provide exceptional customer service and that we will always be fair and honest with every customer!





16195 HWY 280 IN CHELSEA, AL 


Our Products

Color Treated Long Leaf Rolls


Our new "color treated pinestraw" has been a hit around the South! Each and every roll is equivalent to 2.5 square bales and is treated with a natural pigment that is safe for plants and pets, while even protecting the straw from decomposing! It gives the straw a great Ruby Red color for up to 9 months!!! This gives you the opportunity to only straw once a year which means more money in your back pocket! Call for pricing!

Color Treated Long Leaf Square Bales


Our new "color treated pinestraw" has been a hit around the South! Each bale is "machine baled" and treated with a natural pigment that is safe for plants and the ground, while even protecting the straw from decomposing! It gives the straw a great Ruby Red color for up to 9 months!!! This gives you the opportunity to only straw once a year which means more money in your back pocket! Call for pricing!

Long Leaf Square Bales


Our long leaf natural square bales are our most popular product! Each bale is fully packed with golden long leaf straw. Every bale is raked and clean to ensure your satisfaction! Our bales go further! Don't depend on Lowes or Home Depot to get the job done, our bales can stretch 50 sqft per bale! Their bales are smaller and are the short needle slash straw that does not last! Call for pricing!

Jumbo Long Leaf Square Bales


New to the menu, we now offer jumbo long leaf square bales. These bales are baled with a hay baler, therefore making it much bulkier. These bales are fully packed with 1.5 square bales worth of golden long leaf and weigh approximately 21lbs! Cut a job in half with the use of these bales! Call for pricing!

Long Leaf Rolls


Our long leaf rolls are also a landscaper favorite! Landscapers can save between 30–40% of their current labor costs by using round pine straw bales. It is much easier and faster to spread. Homeowners choose the long needle round rolls  of straw because of the ease of use and cost savings. One round bale of pine straw will cover 140 square feet. Our rolls have 2.5  to 3 times the capacity compared to our square pine straw bales and weigh about 34-36lbs. Call for pricing!

Artificial Pine Straw


We now offer a new pine straw alternative for many commerical businesses! Luckie's Synthetic Straw!  Guaranteed to keep its volume and color for 7 years!! The product is fire resistant and keeps its place better than natural pine straw! Commerical businesses can stop paying twice a year to keep your pine straw looking great. Luckie's Synthetic pine straw will be guaranteed to keep looking fresh for 7 years. Our synthetic pine straw will keep its color and shape for at least 7 years. Our 20lb. roll of synthetic pine straw will cover 45 square feet to a depth of up to 3.5" per roll.  This straw is the cleanest on the planet. No leaves, sticks or trash guaranteed. It is brighter, better, and saves you thousands in the long run!! Call for pricing!

Commercial (Luckie Straw)

What is Luckie Straw?



Luckie's Synthetic pine straw is synthetic pine straw made from recycled polypropylene, which does not  absorb water or chemicals. It recycles easily, from bottle scrap, carpet backing, fiber and yarn.

 In the pine-laden area of the Southeast, good fresh pine straw is in short  supply; even when pine straw is available, the color, quality, price, etc. are inconsistent. And as pretty as pine straw is, its only nutritional value is a slight increase in soil Ph. Since it decomposes and is absorbent, it’s an attractive environment for pests, requires  additional water and chemicals, and imports weed seeds into the garden. 

Commercial  and industrial properties that want high curb appeal and understand  landscape maintenance. Homeowners who want the best appearance and health for their plants and flowers. Government facilities, highway ramps requiring erosion control.



StayPut is also ideal for border edges, acting like a long-lasting “hairspray” to maintain carefully formed tuck-and-rolls, or in areas with moderate water flow and leaf fall, to prevent Luckie's Synthetic Straw from migration. Stay Put acts as a surface tackifier, maintaining maximum volume of the installation every time it is fluffed.  

StayPut is water-soluble, and cures in 24 hours, which will increase the surface adhesion of Luckie's Synthetic Straw. It is dispensed from a standard back-pack sprayer. StayPut is also  recommended for: border areas, where it will maintain the integrity of  the border edge around the base of trees in the construction of tree  surrounds in areas where there is leaf-fall or pruning. With StayPut,  leaves can be blown or vacuumed without disturbing the Pinestraw.



Luckie Straw(LS) Compared to Pinestraw(PS) 

-Abrasion and Crumble Resistance

 (LS)Highly resistant to foot traffic and handling

 (PS)Becomes increasingly brittle with age


 (LS)Dependable year-round production

 (PS)Seasonal; spotty

 -Bed Preparation / Weeds

(LS)Rake out old straw once; pre-emerge once; less weeds 

(PS)Rake out old straw annually; pre-emerge annually; more weeds 


 (LS)Maintains breathability; helps oxygenate soil and deter mold and fungus growth

 (PS)Mats, thatches and becomes spongy; decomposes and acts like second soil layer, causing roots to grow “up” 

-Chemical Resistance

(LS)Not affected by herbicides or pesticides 

(PS)Absorbs chemicals 


 (LS)Consistent longleaf pine reddish-brown “spring” needles, the most prized 

(PS)Inconsistent; depends on season, species, freshness, weather

 -Color Retention 

(LS)UV-stabilized; tested; warranted to retain color for 4 years 

(PS)Decomposes immediately; turns brown; bleached gray in 6-12 months 


(LS)None, always clean, pure, sterile bales 

(PS)Even when hand-combed, contains weeds, grass seed, mold spores, pine pollen, insects, fungus, mildew, sticks, twigs, leaves and pine cones 


(LS)50 sq ft @ 3.5″ depth

(PS)Depends on bale size  

-Environment / Harvesting

(LS)Post-industrial recycled product; clean product can be recycled at end of useful life

(PS)Unregulated; mechanized raking increases tree mortality; over-harvesting negatively affects forest growth and soil productivity, causes erosion and loss of wildlife habitat 


(LS)Requires sustained exposure to flame to burn; will melt 

(PS)Highly flammable when dry 


(LS)Does not attract insects

(PS)Damp environment attracts insects, especially ants, roaches and termites  


(LS)Clean, easy, quick 

(PS)Gloves recommended



(LS)Turns, fluffs easily; extends life

 (PS)Crumbles when turned or fluffed; top-dress every 4-6 months

-Moisture Retention 

(LS)Passes moisture to soil and helps prevent evaporation; patented concave needle profile funnels all moisture to soil

(PS)Needles absorb and trap moisture  

-Needle Quality

(LS)Consistent mixture of 9-10″ strand lengths to simulate highly-desired old, original longleaf pine needles 

(PS)Highly variable by species on pine; mostly loblolly and slash, with 6-10″ needles 


(LS)Will not absorb water; lighter than water and will float; not recommended for low-lying areas subject to flooding or run-off 

(PS)Will wash-away if used in areas subject to flooding or run-off Soil


(LS)Over years, breaks down into harmless carbon, hydrogen, calcium carbonate and iron oxide

 (PS)Increases acidity


-Volume Loss 

(LS)None; does not decompose 

(PS)100% loss; most in first six months 







What is Luckie's Synthetic Straw made of? 

Luckie's Synthetic Straw is synthetic pine straw made from recycled polypropylene. Polypropylene does not absorb water or chemicals. It recycles easily, from bottle scrap,carpet backing, fiber and yarn. Luckie's Synthetic Straw has been designed to simulate a consistent mixture of 10 – 14″ reddish-brown pine needles that fall in the spring from the old, original long leaf pine trees, which are just about gone. Most natural pine straw today comes from loblolly or slash pine species, with needles that are shorter, typically 6–10″. Because they don’t contain as much resin, loblolly and slash decompose and lose their color quickly.  

Will Luckie's Synthetic Straw fade?
Luckie's Synthetic Straw contains ultraviolet inhibitors to keep its color from fading due to sunlight, just like indoor-outdoor carpet does. Luckie's Synthetic Straw has been tested in a xenon arc accelerated weatherometer to the equivalent of 7 years  outdoor exposure in South Florida without any significant color loss. We estimate the surface layer of Luckie's Synthetic Straw will easily maintain its color for 7 years. Areas not exposed to sunlight will last indefinitely. As Luckie's Synthetic Straw is occasionally flipped and fluffed, needles on the surface are  turned under, and the life of straw is increased.


Will insects be attracted to Luckie's Synthetic Straw?
Since Luckie's Synthetic Straw does not decompose, insects are not attracted to it. Natural pine straw creates a dark, moist environment that attracts insects, particularly roaches and termites.

Does Luckie's Synthetic Straw burn?
Dry pine straw is highly flammable. While Luckie's Synthetic Straw is not inflammable, it will melt. It requires exposure to a sustained flame to burn.

Does Luckie's Synthetic Straw hold water as well as pine straw?
Luckie's Synthetic Straw holds moisture in the soil better than natural pine straw, which absorbs it, particularly as it decomposes into thatch. In fact, under low water conditions, natural straw can actually prevent moisture from reaching plant roots in the soil. Luckie's Synthetic Straw is extruded in concave  strands, with a cross-section identical to natural straw. The shape  increases the surface area, producing greater volume and soil moisture retention, since its patented design funnels moisture to the soil.

Is Luckie's Synthetic Straw safe for the environment?
Luckie's Synthetic Straw is safe for the environment. It is made from post-industrial recycled product. After its useful life is over, clean product is capable of being recycled. Luckie's Synthetic Straw photodegrades into carbon, hydrogen, calcium carbonate and iron oxide, all harmless components.

Will Luckie's Synthetic Straw wash away?
Luckie's Synthetic Straw is not recommended for low-lying areas or areas subject to flooding or runoff, since it is slightly lighter than water. On the other hand, natural pine straw will also wash away in similar conditions. On steep slopes, an application of StayPut is beneficial.

Will I get weeds with Luckie's Synthetic Straw?
After the old natural straw has been raked out, a pre-emergent should be  applied to the soil to treat any latent water seeds. After that, you won’t be adding natural straw with its untreated weed and grass seeds,  so you should get less weeds.

Are there any landscaping considerations I should know about?
Since Luckie's Synthetic Straw does not crumble like natural pine straw, groundcovers like liriopes should not be cut back using a lawn mower or weed whacker.

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